Plugin Development

Development Background

DebugPress plugin is based on the Debugger module from the GD Press Tools Pro plugin. The debugger module from that plugin and additional libraries have been used to create DebugPress, but, most of that code has been reworked and modernized using namespacing and auto-loader to improve the overall performance and code readability.

Another significant change from other Dev4Press plugins for WordPress is that DebugPress is not using the shared code Dev4Press Library. Since DebugPress has only one panel with settings, there was no need to include the whole shared library, and instead, DebugPress uses standard WordPress Settings API.

GitHub Development

DebugPress is also the first Dev4Press plugin that is fully developed via GitHub, and GitHub Issues will be used to report bugs, request new features, and more. The whole development progress will be tracked through GitHub Milestones. Through GitHub, you can participate in the plugin development.

see the list of all the current issues

see the list of planned milestones