1.5 (2020.11.14)

  • New: debugger panel – Tools
  • New: tools panel – links to the individual plugin info panels
  • New: tools panel – links to the individual wordpress tools panels
  • New: tools panel – links to test with Google PageSpeed Insights
  • New: tools panel – link to test with GTMetrix website
  • New: contextual help tab for the plugin settings
  • New: contextual help includes information about debug mode activation
  • Edit: various styling changes and tweaks
  • Fix: few minor typos in various parts of the code
  • Fix: few external links were missing REL noopener attribute
  • Fix: minor issue with CMS version INFO method

1.4.1 (2020.11.06)

  • Edit: support for the edge case HTTP request missing valid URL
  • Fix: HTTP panel could still fail in some edge case requests

1.4 (2020.11.03)

  • Edit: improvements to the way HTTP panel displays logged data
  • Fix: HTTP panel shows duplicated content type entry
  • Fix: HTTP panel attempts to display data that doesn’t exist
  • Fix: error log loading fails due to file offset calculation
  • Fix: problem with returning error log via AJAX method

1.3.2 (2020.10.03)

  • New: link to plugin Tools (Info) page added to Debugger popup footer
  • Edit: improvements to documentation for pretty print functions
  • Edit: renamed existing System class to Server for potential file name conflict
  • Fix: debuglog tab doesn’t scroll to the end of the list after the list is loaded
  • Fix: test for Pear presence can throw warnings on some hosts

1.3.1 (2020.10.01)

  • Edit: minor changes to the main plugin class
  • Fix: one constant was not defined

1.3 (2020.10.01)

  • New: additional Info page added into WordPress admin Tools
  • New: tools info page shows the content of PHP Info
  • New: tools info page shows the content of OPCache Info
  • New: tools info page shows the content of MySQL Variables
  • New: plugin settings panel uses tabbed interface to organize settings
  • New: option to control AJAX tracking data save into debug.log
  • New: filters to control AJAX tracking activity and data returned
  • New: filter to control every plugin settings returned value
  • New: ability to print SQL formatted string for the user stored queries
  • New: improved documentation for all the functions
  • Edit: refactored functions and improved the functions organization
  • Edit: refactored pretty print function to use different name and classes
  • Edit: uniform return of rendered results from ErrorFormat class
  • Edit: expanded plugin readme.txt and added new screenshots
  • Removed: several unused methods in the ErrorFormat class

1.2.1 (2020.09.27)

  • Edit: various improvements to errors and warnings tracking handlers
  • Fix: missing argument for the deprecated tracking handler

1.2 (2020.09.25)

  • New: debugger activator: show number of captured HTTP API calls
  • New: debugger Log panel: renamed to Store
  • New: debugger Log panel: rewritten rendering to match other panels
  • New: debugger HTTP tab: shows number of calls in the tab button
  • New: settings to control AJAX calls tracking on active page
  • New: settings to control errors and warnings tracking
  • Edit: various minor improvements and changes
  • Fix: wrong class name in the backtrace tracker processor
  • Fix: few small issues with the deprecated tracker processor
  • Fix: several issues with displaying AJAX calls results

1.1 (2020.09.23)

  • New: debugger panel – Debug Log
  • New: using CSS variables for some of the debugger styling
  • New: filters to modify CSS variables
  • New: improved the look of the plugin settings page
  • Edit: expanded some of the information for plugin settings
  • Edit: changed plugins own actions and filters for uniformity
  • Edit: many improvements to the debugger styling
  • Edit: various improvements to the SCSS organization
  • Edit: various tweaks and changes

1.0 (2020.09.15)

  • First official release