DebugPress 3.5

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Brand new DebugPress 3.5 is a big update, bringing visual and layout updates, improvements to the HTTP API call logging, improvements to the various areas, new actions fired for AJAX and HTTP calls, and more.

Debugger header has been improved and expanded with icons, and this is used for better resize control of the tabs, so they don’t spill into the content and mess the layout, especially for smaller screens (mobile and desktop both).

Updated debugger popup dialog

When it comes to logging of HTTP API calls, this has been improved and expanded to include trace information, and it has updated presentation too. Both HTTP API calls and Admin AJAX calls will not execute actions when they are logged.

Plugin also shows information about the coreActivity plugin, and the support for logging various debugger related events into database for analysing later. coreActivity is a free plugin that logs over 120 events in WordPress and many popular plugins, and it has support for DebugPress and logging of 9 events at this time.

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