Year: 2023

DebugPress 3.5

Brand new DebugPress 3.5 is a big update, bringing visual and layout updates, improvements to the HTTP API call logging, improvements to the various areas, new actions fired for AJAX and HTTP calls, and more.

DebugPress 3.4

Version 3.4 is a small update, with mostly bug fixes, but it also contains several very important updates aimed to the plugin stability, especially when used on servers that restrict PHP functions and other core elements.

DebugPress 3.3

Another new release is here, bringing many smaller updates and improvements, including new blocks in the System panel, some layout-saving improvements, a new KINT library version, and a few more updates and fixes.

New Debug Log panel

DebugPress 3.2

Another smaller update to the DebugPress is ready, and this time version 3.2 brings improvements related to error tracking, includes minor updates and improvements and also fixes several bugs.

DebugPress 3.1

This is a minor update to the plugin, but it still brings plenty of essential updates and changes, including support for SQL detection related to Dev4Press plugins, tweaks to the Hooks panel, and other minor improvements and fixes.

DebugPress 3.0

DebugPress version 3.0 is a huge milestone that adds tons of new features for the usability of the debugger, various refinements in the debugger panels, visual tweaks, and more.