DebugPress 2.0

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A major update to the DebugPress plugin, version 2.0 brings several new features, important updates, and bug fixes. This version also includes an updated KINT library.

The plugin has several important updates related to plugin loading and initialization, mainly because it needs to address some issues related to REST API Requests and problems it can cause in some cases. Now, the plugin attempts to detect if the REST Request is active and does not load the plugin interface for REST Requests.

Content Panel with the use of advanced KINT library to display objects

The debugger is now loaded on the WordPress login pages and will be displayed in the corner of the page (depending on the settings). The default pretty print library has its CSS file, and the plugin will enable the KINT library as a better overall solution for new installations. This library has been updated to the latest version too.

There are several more minor updates and improvements, including some styling tweaks and code cleanup.

Let me know if you find any new issues with the plugin and if you have suggestions for some future features.

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