DebugPress with ClassicPress

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DebugPress 1.5 has been released, and this new version includes few changes to make it fully compatible with the ClassicPress. You can see the screenshot of the debugger running on the latest ClassicPress 1.2 version.

Basic debugger tab running on ClassicPress 1.2

As it stands now, DebugPress is fully compatible with the latest version of ClassicPress, and I will continue to test the plugin with new versions of ClassicPress. You can also report issues related to ClassicPress.

To use DebugPress in ClassicPress, you don’t need to make any changes, and all the features working on WordPress will work in the same way with ClassicPress. The only thing that is not changed is the use of CMS name ‘WordPress’ in descriptions and instructions, but that would be overkill to change everywhere, depending on the CMS version running. ClassicPress name is used where it matters – in the debugger provided information.

Let me know if you are using ClassicPress, and if you run into any problem using DebugPress with ClassicPress.

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