DebugPress 1.5

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The new release for DebugPress is ready, and version 1.5 brings a new debugger popup panel called Tools, along with various other improvements and fixes.

New Tools panel is located on the right side of the Debugger toolbar, and it is only an icon, and this panel shows links to various tools and online services that can be useful as an addition to normal debugging. Right now, there are three columns with tools available: plugin information and settings, WordPress tools, and Performance online testing.

New Tools panel

Online testing tools include Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix, and more tools might be included in the future.

The plugin also has new contextual help available on the settings panel, with information about documentation, bug reporting, and a short version of the information needed to enable WordPress Debug Mode though wp-config.php modification.

Let me know what you think about the new update, and what more debug related features you would like to see in DebugPress.

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