DebugPress 1.3

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New major update for DebugPress, version 1.3 brings some very important new features and changes, including a new Tools admin page, some code, and styling refactoring, improved plugin settings, new filters for developers, various other improvements and updates.

Some information on the website is not suitable for display inside the Debugger popup, because it is huge, and it doesn’t change from page to page. So, to cover that, plugin has new page inside the WordPress admin Tools menu called ‘DebugPress Info’ showing right now 3 new tabs: PHP Info (full formatted output from PHP own phpinfo() function), OPCache Info (with statistics and settings for OPCache for PHP) and MySQL Variables (all settings for MySQL from the database).

PHP Info tab in the new WordPress Tools page

Main plugin Settings panel has been reorganized to use tabs for all the settings, to make finding of options easier. All settings are split into 3 panels now, and tab control includes link to the Tools page as well.

There are many other improvements related to AJAX processing, some new settings are added, some styling and code has been refactored. You can change the list of all changes in the changelog.

Let me know what you think about the new update, and what new features would you like to see in the future updates.

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