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Welcome to the official website for DebugPress, a free plugin for WordPress that can be used to debug WordPress powered website, track the way the page loads, errors and warnings generated, what SQL queries are loaded, what AJAX calls are made and much more.

DebugPress is a free plugin available via WordPress.org and GitHub.com.

DebugPress is a new plugin, but it is using code base that has been developed, improved and tweaked for more then 5 years as a part of the GD Press Tools Pro plugin. For this new plugin, that exisiting code base has been enhanced and reworked to use namespaces and auto loading.

Debugger popup with Content tab active showing registered content and rewrite rules and structures

The DebugPress creates the Debugger popup window that uses tabbed interface to show all sorts of information about the current page loading, with total of up to 18 panels (some panels are optional, and some will be active only if they have something to show).

Make sure to check out the information provided on this website, and try out the plugin to see it in action, and to check out how it can help you debug your website, find issues and discover what might be causing problems so you can fix them and improve the website performance.

Let me know what you think about the plugin, and what new features would you like to see in the future versions.

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