DebugPress 1.2

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With more developers trying out the plugin, first bugs and feature requests have been posted, and this release fixes several bugs mostly related to the JavaScript tracking of AJAX calls, and it also adds many new options and few new features.

Version 1.2 brings new settings, so now you can enable/disable support for AJAX tracking and enable/disable individual options for tracking errors/warnings, doing it wrong and deprecated warnings. Previously named ‘Log’, the panel is now renamed to ‘Store’. This panel displays objects and values stored by the user during page creation. With that, you can place function calls to store objects in the code you want to be displayed in the debugger. Check out the documentation for developers references (filters, actions and functions)

Debugger panel: Store
Debugger panel: Store

Main activation button has been updated with the 3 badge showing number of HTTP API calls recorded during the page creation. The plugin includes various small updates and improvements. And, finally, several bugs related to AJAX tracking code have been fixed.

Let me know what you think about new release, and what new features you want to see in the future. Please, report any problems and issues you find.

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