DebugPress is a powerful plugin for debugging WordPress powered websites

Get all the information you need for the current admin or frontend page, analyze queries, requests, and much more. Check out all the plugin features bellow, and explore the website for more information, documentation and support. And yes, this plugin is completely free!

Download the Plugin

The plugin is available for download from or GitHub.

Or get it from GitHub.

Latest Version: 3.9 (2024-05-14) · First Released: 2020-09-17
Downloads: 9659 · Rating: 5.00 (5 votes)
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Support plugin development

DebugPress is a free plugin, and if you find it useful or want to support its future development, please consider donating.

Displayed Information

The debugger popup window shows up to 22 panels. Some panels are displayed when there is information to show, and some can be enabled or disabled through plugin settings.

Here is some of the information displayed:

  • Various page loading statistics and counts
  • PHP and WordPress errors and warnings
  • Registered Content and rewrite rules
  • Currently logged-in user information
  • Page request details and resolved Query
  • PHP system variables and System Information
  • Debug overview of all the AJAX calls
  • All the logged SQL queries with filters
  • List of all the enqueued CSS and JS files
  • WordPress Debug Log file content

And more…

Layout and Activation

From version 3.0, the plugin has a new panel called Layout, allowing you to control the position of the debugger popup, size (if the position is not a Full popup window), modality of the popup, and activation.

The plugin also has additional options for activating popups via keyboard shortcut (with adjustable shortcut combinations in settings).

Plugin has the URL query argument with a secret access key for activating the debugger, allowing testing of live websites without showing the Debugger popup to everyone.

Powerful SQL Queries Panel

One of the most important debugger features is the ability to list and trace all the SQL queries executed by WordPress, plugins, and themes. SQL Queries panel in DebugPress shows information about each executed query, including the call trace, execution time, and formatted query easy to read. The panel allows you to filter queries by query type, database tables used in a query, and the function that made the call in code.

Download the Plugin

Plugin is available for download from or GitHub.

Or get it from GitHub.


The plugin is available on GitHub, and you can suggest new features, report bugs, or submit pull requests to help with the plugin development.


The plugin website contains documentation, and support is available through, GitHub, or